The Cult of You

The cult of you imageYou = the anti-exclusive plea. People are/will be sick of general appeals. They want to be part of an exclusive group. Think Apple, BMW, Whole Foods. Saying “you” doesn’t narrow your audience. Instead, you narrow your audience by specifying who should be interested. Imagine a wedding party where “You” was supposed to sit in every spot. No one would know where to sit.
Instead, tell your potential audience exactly what makes you different. If you’re brave, mention the things you think some people might not like but others will love.
Don’t ask your customers what they want. They won’t tell you truthfully anyway. Use big data, small data, or your eyes and ears instead. Use them morally and ethically.
Don’t say, “I want to provide you value.” Value should be given and those that want what you offer will thank you for it.
You is unfocused and the next cult will be one of Focus and Exclusivity.

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