Share: "If you want freedom, then you need to have discipline"

This rings true:

If you want freedom, then you need to have discipline…”

Cal Newport has great thoughts on productivity and I’ve read his Deep Work book.
This book by Jocko Willink is going to go on my want to read list.

Read the full post here:
It reminds me of how I try to frame decisions sometimes: which of the options I have will better get me where I want to be a year or two from now?
It take discipline to use that mindset and it is much easier to choose what seems better in the moment or for the immediate future. But that immediate future isn’t what you want long term.
This kind of thinking works as a parent, too. It takes discipline to set limits for your kids, especially in the moment when it is easier to give in. But you’ll have long-term better results when you are consistent in the limits you set.

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