Google's Services Outage Is Exactly Why I Love Their Services

If you think Google’s Services Outage was a sign to not use their services, I disagree.Google Services Outage Update
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Imagine having to deal with any outage on your own. Imagine any tech problems you’ve encountered in your own business or organization (or at home!) in the last year. How quickly did you handle them?
Did you have the best engineers in the world working on that problem? Did they resolve it in less than 25 minutes (in most cases) or a bit more than 30 minutes in others?
Did it cost you nothing for the troubleshooting and repair work? (Although I understand some downtime may have cost you in other ways…but maybe you had to start a real conversation or pick-up the phone?)
I prefer to leave my services in the cloud for a company like Google to handle them. They know people count on them. They have the best people working on them. I don’t really have to worry about them. They keep my data safe (well, I know the NSA is “helping” with that, too). They keep things running 99.9% of the time.
And when there are problems (which are inevitable) they’re fixed as quickly as humanly possible.
Thank you, Google.
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