A Steady State Mind Is an Unrealistic Goal

How to be happyYou want to live a happy life? You often hear two conflicting bits of wisdom to achieve it:

  • Live in the now – be present.


  • Be future oriented. Set goals. Set a clear vision for the future.

The reality is that we need to have both frames of mind at different points in our daily lives.
It is good to enjoy the moment. It is good to take a walk and breathe. It is good to exercise and enjoy physical pleasures. We need these things as much as we need to eat.
But we also need to step back and self-reflect. Self-reflection allows us to grow. Self-reflection allows us to consider how we acted in the moment and learn from it. It is in these moments of reflection that we  gain insight into the future we want to create.
We should not pursue a steady state mind. It is an unrealistic goal. We will experience happiness and sadness both in the now and and when we reflect on the past and future. We should enjoy these cycles of experience and reflection.
The beauty of life is that living in the now and planning for the future compliment each other. It is often good planning and future-thinking that allow us to enjoy moments in the present. And it is often in the present moment that we experiences flashes of insight that will allow us to have a better future.
So, today, take time to be present to the moment at hand. And take time today to self-reflect and prepare for a better future.

2 thoughts on “A Steady State Mind Is an Unrealistic Goal”

  1. I completely agree with these sentiments, it is both preparing to enjoy moments as well as enjoying them where true balance is achieved. It is like balancing, it is constant movement in both direction that allow one to be stable. Thanks for sharing!

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