How Do You Make the Hard Choice the Default Choice?

Do you know your brain typically functions in two very distinct ways?  Daniel Kahneman outlines these two systems in his book, Thinking, Fast and Slow.Book Cover He tells us of System 1 and System 2. For a simple explanation, System 1 is the immediate response we have to a situation. System 2 is our thought-out response that comes after thinking through the situation or problem.
One of the basic premises of the book is that engaging System 2 requires effort and we tend towards the least effort in our decision making. Many fascinating implications follow from this observation. In this brief post I will focus on just one question below.
How Do You Make the Hard Choice the Default Choice?

  • make it easy
  • make it unavoidable
  • make it apparent
  • make it cool
  • make it worthwhile
  • make the immediate effects known
  • make it short
  • get it started before you actually want to do it
  • make preparations before you begin
  • make it a commitment
  • make it visible
  • make it part of a larger pattern or routine
  • make it easy to forgive mishaps or forgotten commitments

How do you make your hard choices easier?

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